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This page contains the photographer’s biography and thoughts on the discipline of photography in general.

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I believe that photography can be incredibly powerful. A photograph captures a specific moment in time, one that will never exist in quite the same way again. An effective photograph evokes emotion, invokes memories, and draws the viewer into the image. The very best images engage the viewer and make them wonder about the circumstances portrayed.

Photography is about light. We are visual creatures, but we often take light for granted. When you study photography, you realize that light is the key - whether it’s soft or hard, warm or cool, direct or indirect, and how it falls on the subject(s) of the image. Sometimes, when you look at a photo, a sort of inversion takes place and you find yourself looking at the quality of the light first and the subject second. An interesting phenomenon.

These are the things I think about when crafting an image. But photography is a humbling endeavor, and I realize that most (all?) of the time I fall short of an ideal image. In a way then, the process of photography is ultimately more about the journey than the destination - it’s a process of continual learning and (hopefully) improvement. It’s a never-ending effort to find the right combination of light, emotion, form and color.

Thanks so much for your interest in visiting the site and viewing some of my images, I hope you enjoy them! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing me at richcrablephoto@icloud.com or by using the form below.

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