Three Tulips - Museum Print


Three Tulips - Museum Print

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The name “tulip” is supposedly derived from the Persian word for “turban.” Tulips were not widely seen in the West until the 1600s, when they were popularized in the Ottoman Empire. Shortly thereafter, they were rapidly adopted across Europe, resulting in the “Tulip Mania” of 1637. During this frenzy, prices paid for one tulip bulb reported went as high as 12 acres of land.

Note: (1) Depending on the print size selected, the photo may be cropped slightly to fit the available print area. (2) Prices quoted above are for prints only; framing and matting can be arranged for an additional charge.

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I am proud to work closely with one of the premier photo labs in the country in order to offer museum-grade prints in a range of sizes, using only the highest quality archival inks on premium acid-free paper. As a result, these prints come with a lifetime guarantee from yellowing or fading.

I can also arrange for matting and framing of the image if you so desire, please contact me for additional details.

As a final step in the process, I personally inspect, approve and package all prints prior to final delivery. If the print is a limited edition (this would be clearly noted above), I will also sign and number the border and provide an additional certificate of authenticity for your records. Unframed prints will typically be delivered in heavy duty shipping tubes. The entire process takes approximately three weeks from order date to ship date.

One of the most rewarding activities for a photographer is to be able to share his/her work with interested people. Thank you so much for visiting the site!